Plug your mind into a positive outlet

Your mind processes millions of different thoughts each day you wake up. Everything you take in affects your mood, your behaviors, and your thoughts. Let’s say that you see a woman walking down the street with a baby. You’re more than likely going to smile. You then see a young couple embracing one another’s love. This makes you even happier. You then decide to get on your phone and check social media.

As you’re scrolling down your timeline, you see something negative that changes your entire mood. You continue scrolling and you see more content that upsets you. This anger continues to stay with you and now you have brought that energy into your place of work. Small things at work are starting to get on your nerves and you then become irritated with everyone.

On your way home, you get back on to social media and you see more content that makes you even more upset than you were earlier. You then decide that you are not going to do anything for the rest of the day because you’re just to upset and frustrated.

This is an example of how a small piece of negativity can affect your entire day. It also shows how being plugged into a negative outlet can drain your positive energy. If you take a plug and plug it into an outlet that is bad, your plug can 1) overheat and soon be unable to work or 2) it won’t work at all because there is no flow of energy coming from the bad outlet. The same thing goes for your mind. If you plug into negativity, you’ll get negative outcomes.

If this is something that happens to you on a consistent basis, it’s time to “Plug your mind into a positive outlet.” Unfollow those pages or people that are causing you to become upset. Start to follow pages or people that display positive content. Maybe a page like INLIGHTENMENT. Read articles that talk about positivity. You never know what you’ll discover. Maybe watching videos of baby’s laughing can help. Today you should make a choice and change the outlets you plug into. There is no need for the Grinch to come early this year and steal more than just Christmas.

Quote of F’s for Friday

??????? What am I doing? I work and I work but nothing seems to change. Even when I get a moment of success, I go back into the zone of failure. Have you ever had this feeling before or are you currently feeling this way? If so, I am here to tell you that you are exactly where you need to be.

“Find flow from failures.” Say that you’re an owner of a business and the business is doing good. You’re making some sales and you have a few people who like your products. One day you decide that you want to take your business to the next level. You feel that you can be as big as Adidas, Instagram, and Facebook, so you begin to get to work.

Weeks go by and you are not having, as much success as you thought you would be having. You say to yourself “when am I going to get out of this zone of failure?” You continue to use the same strategy you’ve been using and you continue to get the same results.

You take a moment to look at that strategy and you make some changes. More weeks go by and something magical happens. New customers are starting to notice your business and the products you have. You begin to gain a bigger following and consumers are buying your products at a faster rate than before. You decide to take this same strategy and apply it to other social media outlets. Now you’re cookin. You’re beginning to see the growth that you envisioned and you finally found your flow.

Because of those failures in the beginning, you were able to make a change to what you were doing. That change created a flow that produced the success you wanted. It’s important that you fail, so that you know what is working and what’s not working. It is also important that you do something about it. If you were to succeed here and there, you would never know how to get better. If you were to remain focused on the failures and not a solution, you would be holding yourself back. Embrace those failures and let them help you find your flow.

Quote of W’s for Wednesday

Walt was a guy, who had lots of dreams|He wanted to one day, be on a big movie screen|He would watch YouTube videos, of actors playing parts|He told himself that soon, he will get his big start|He got on his knees and prayed for success|He then went to sleep, trusting that God would do the rest|Days go by, and Walt is upset|There are no voicemails, from any acting agents yet|He left his number with receptionists all over town| Seeing 0 comments on his Facebook posts, made him feel like he wanted to drown|So Walt decided, to take a walk to the park|Hoping that Mother Nature, would give him a spark|He sat on a park bench, next to an old man|They both exchanged hello’s, and a conversation began|Walt told the guy, about his acting journey so far|The old man then asked, “What have you done to set the bar”|“It’s good you pray to God, but you need to take action”|Faith without works, is not granted with personal satisfactions|“Why would we wait, when we want wins?”|You need to change your approach, and find your drive from within|Be the person, to set the bar|Trust your process, and you’ll go far|Walt thanked the man, and ran back home|He grabbed his written scripts, and began to shoot videos on his iPhone|Over the next couple of weeks, Walt sees a change|His videos are getting more responses and people around town know his name|Months go by and Walt finally gets his break|He gets a call to come audition, for the movie “The Artist Who Can’t Escape”|He shows up to the building and sees the old man again|Sitting in the movie chair, giving other actors directions| The old man called Walt over to introduce him to the team|He then whispered to Walt “Now you can finally be on a big movie screen.”|

Quote of M’s for Monday



Moves, moves, moves. Worldwide on social media, radio stations, and billboards you’ll hear or see this word a lot. People are looking at 2018 as the year of the come up. I think it’s wonderful because people are determined to make a change. When people say they are “making moves”, they’re putting themselves in a position to work on their goals and achieve them.

Now if you’re on that path, it’s good that you are making moves, but is there a purpose behind the moves you’re making? Are you spending so much time and energy making these moves, that you lose site of your mental and physical health? In the words of DJ Khaled “Don’t play yourself.” You should “Make motivating manageable moves.”

Make moves that have a purpose and that are going to constantly motivate you. Your moves should inspire you to reach greater heights. Your moves should also have a meaning as to why you are making those moves. They should ignite a fire within you, that will push you when there is no more push left.

Your moves should also be moves that you can manage. Don’t make all these moves to the point where you forget what they are. Doing that can cause you to make one move and then forget about an important move that you were suppose to make. That’s like making an omelette without the egg. Sure it’s possible, but would it be rewarding or enjoyable? Probably not.

Make this Monday motivational!!!

Strategize for the success that YOU define

A0FEE552-F0ED-464D-930C-D547940A4C5EIt’s a new week everyone. An opportunity to indulge in the experience of strategizing is placed right in front of us. As you drive to your destination or even make a nice breakfast for yourself this morning, you should take the time to think about last week.

What made last week such a success? Take those positive things and use it as fuel for this week. Was last week just a bust and it’s something that you don’t want to talk about? That’s okay!! Reflect on what was negative and start to think about 1) how you can learn from that experience? 2) what can you do to make this week a successful week? A simple method that has been used for decades and centuries is coming up with a strategy. On this beautiful Sunday you should “Strategize for the success that YOU define”

Many times we ask ourselves, What does it mean to be successful? We then began to look at people like Phil Knight or Howard Schultz, and we start to form this idea that working our way to the top is what it means to be successful. Sure that may be true, but it does not have to be your truth. You are the person who defines what success is. It’s does not have to be similar or exactly like someone else’s definition of success. Success is what you come up with.

After defining what success means to you, start to construct a strategy of how you’re going to reach that success. Maybe you want to start reading a new book that you bought a while ago. Set a limit of pages you will complete this week. After completing those pages, at the end of the week you can say that you were successful this week. Maybe you’re an aspiring photographer who wants to build your clientele. Come up with a strategy of how you’re going to make that happen.

Your strategy does not have to be long or difficult. All your strategy needs is a list of steps that you are going to take and that you will stick to. Be positive and successful this week!