Truthful Thursday

2250D405-8AA2-4320-9758-9D2146B91DB3One day Clyde is walking in the mall and he notices that there is a new store next to his favorite store. He says to himself “ this looks interesting. I’ll check it out after I’m done shopping.” When Clyde comes out of his favorite store, he looks up at the sign of the new store and it says THE STORE OF TRUTH.

Clyde walks into the store and begins to explore. He sees shirts hanging up on the walls with letters and numbers on them. He also sees a comfortable sitting area, where a lady is sitting and looks like she is in deep thought. He walks around the store and sees a nice shirt with the letter “S” on it.

When he picks the shirt up, he sees that there is not a price tag connected to the shirt. Clyde walks up to the store employee and asks “how much does this shirt cost?” The store employee says “it does not cost money but it will cost you your time, attention, and effort.” Looking confused Clyde asks “could you please explain what you mean?”

The store employee says “Sure. In the Store Of Truth, we have different shirts with letters or numbers on them and they represent a truth about you. I see that you have the letter “S”, would you like to see what truth this letter will reveal for you?” Clyde replies “Sure, why not.”

Clyde and the store employee walk over to a table that has a light underneath that is shining upward. The store employee spreads the shirt out on the table and the light reveals the word “spending”.Then a message appears that says “Clyde you have a spending problem and you should start being responsible with your finances.”

Immediately Clyde looks at the bags in his hands, and remembers that his rent, car payment, and other bills have not been paid and are due today. Clyde starts walking over to the sitting area and begins to go into deep thought.

Now if this was a real store, would you go in? Would you pick up a shirt to find out a truth about yourself? Many people wouldn’t because most of them don’t want to hear or know the truth. If you are one of those people, maybe you should “make a couple of purchases in the store of truth.”

Now remember that to shop in the store of truth, it will only cost you your time, attention, and effort. If there is a truth that someone is constantly showing you, pay attention to that. Take some time and effort to think about what is being said and make a change for the better. Maybe stopping in the Store Of Truth is what you need. You never know what could happen, you might end up purchasing everything in the store.


Stick to your pace!

D0232107-5CE1-43CF-8145-9BC08054DECCI really admire the careful driver. The reason why is because that person takes their time. Now here’s an example. Let’s say that we have a driver and her name is Mrs. C. Each day that Mrs. C drives, she drives at the same speed to get to her destination. When she is on the road, she notices many different things. Sometimes she notices that some drivers are driving slower than her. Other times she sees many cars flying past her. There have been moments when she has driven in bad weather and good weather.

On rare occasions, she has been on the road when the traffic lights were not working. Out of all those times, Mrs. C always made it from point A to point B. The reason why she was able to do that, was because she moved at her own pace. This example can be applied to your life.

In relation to your journey, remember that “Your pace is your pace for a reason, stick to it.” It’s key that you stick to your pace. If you decide to go at someone else’s pace, it may not fit the journey that you are on. If you are going to fast, you may miss out on an opportunity or experience that could help you get to your destination. If you are going to slow, you could throw off the rhythm of your pace. Do yourself a favor and don’t worry about what other people are doing to get ahead. You’ll get to where you need to be by sticking to your pace.

Thank you for being here

img_1662-1“If you are reading this, thank you for being here.” Thank you for being the individual that you are. Many people are not appreciated for what they do. You could be that person that constantly does so much for everyone else, out of the kindness that you have within your heart. If no one ever said thank you, I would like to officially say thank you. To the ambitious souls that walk this earth, Thank you for going after your goals. Thank you for constantly working hard day in and day out (it’s going to pay off). Thank you for not giving up, one day you’re going to make a difference in this world. For the people who are struggling with a mental illness, thank you for being strong. Thank you for pushing through those tough moments. Students, thank you for going to school, learn as much as you can. Drivers, thank you for being patient with the people who are not that good at driving. Teachers, thank you for being there for your students. Community activists, thank you for continuously fighting for justice.


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The Inspiration that you need!


The beginning of the alphabet starts with the letter “A”. After that comes the letter “B”, then C, D, E, and so on. When you get to the letter “Z”, you now have a group of letters. Centuries ago, someone thought it would be a great idea to put some of those letters together. Once that person took a step back, they now saw that they had created a word.

As time went by, more and more words were being created. A group of people who loved words so much, thought it would be a great idea to put all of those words into a book, which is now called “The Dictionary.” They then thought to themselves, people need to know what these words mean. So they put those words together and created sentences to define those words.

Once people found out that they could make sentences, the world began to change. People were writing books, creating advertisements, teaching classes, yelling “can you hear me now?”, things were on the up and up. And to this day, sentences are still helping people create new ideas and go places they thought they would never go.

Now this isn’t the exact story of how letters, words, or sentences were formed. But it still connects with my message “Turn letters into words, words into sentences, sentences into inspiration.”

Start with some of your favorite letters and write them down on a piece of paper. Once you have those letters, write down some positive words that start with those letters. After you have your words, write down some sentences that will inspire you. Once you have your sentences, you now should have the INSPIRATION you need to achieve the things you want to achieve. Go out there and make things happen.