Sway to your own beat!


In life, we get a chance to dance with the people that we meet. As time goes by, we find that we enjoy their moves or the way they catch on to a beat. When this happens, these individuals become close to us and somehow become our closest friends. As you’re moving on the dance floor, you find that you and these people are moving together on one accord. Kind of like the electric slide at barbecues during the summertime.

More time passes by and you find that you feel in sync with these people. What a time right? So as you continue to dance, you notice that things begin to change. The beat shifts to a new beat and you find that you’re really not into it. As you look around, you see the people that were with you really enjoying the beat. When you step off to the side, the beat changes again.

As you’re listening to this new beat, you notice that you don’t like it at all. You look around again and you see those same people having a great time dancing to this beat. They call you over but you give them a signal that you’re good. They begin to give you funny looks like something is wrong with you. But you know everything is fine. This story can resemble an experience you’ve had and/or an experience you’re currently having. “Sometimes people just sway to a beat you can’t groove to. And that’s okay.”

In life, you grow and progress. During that journey of growth, you meet people and form relationships with them. As the days and months go by, you and those people may change. The things that they do, could soon become the things you don’t agree with. In time, you may notice that the moves they are making, do not align with your morals or values. When this happens, it may be a sign that it’s time to part ways.

You should never feel like you need to stick around people or environments that aren’t good for you. You should also never feel like you need to hold on to false hope that comes from the illusions of past memories and experiences. Some relationships with people are not meant to last. Some are only meant to provide you with experiences that offers an opportunity for you to learn and grow. Don’t ignore those experiences. Let the beat of the song, guide you through your journey of growth.

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