Positivity in a JAR!!

Where o where can I find positivity? Why does the world feel so negative at times? There is a chance that you have had these thoughts before or you’ve had a thought related to this. At times you may have felt like you’ve been consumed by negativity. You constantly try to fight your way out but you continue to feel trapped within it’s domain. Even when you make attempts to be positive, you fall short.

If this sounds like a story that resembles what you’re going through, what if you could make a change? What if your approach is out of sync with where you currently are in life? Maybe you could try something different that is simple and effective. When you get home or to wherever you lay your head, “create your jar of positivity, TODAY!”

If you’re not sure on how to go about creating your jar of positivity, here is a list of steps:
Step 1: Find a jar of your choice.
Step 2: Grab some sheets of paper and cut them into strips.
Step 3: Find a pencil, pen, or marker and gather your strips of paper.
Step 4: Begin to think about some inspiring, motivating, and positive ideas that you can write down on your strips of paper.
Step 5: Let your words flow and write down your ideas on those strips of paper
Step 6: Look over your ideas and smile!
Step 7: Fold the strips of paper and place them in your jar
Step 8: Label your jar and celebrate!

From this day forward, each day you should write down something positive, inspiring, or motivating, and put it in your jar of positivity. Whenever negativity arises, head to your jar of positivity and read your way into a positive mood and mental state. With this tool of positivity at your fingertips, negativity won’t stand a chance against your jar.


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