Explore Life!!!


Life is a beautiful, scary, questionable, exciting, funny, upsetting, and rewarding thing. These are just a couple of words that can describe life, but they don’t come close to defining the entirety of its existence. As we go through life, we find ourselves experiencing a lot of thoughts and emotions. Over time, those thoughts and emotions shape our behaviors and the interactions we have with life.

Life can bring us many down’s and sometimes those down’s outnumber the up’s. When that happens, we can find ourselves in a place that becomes destructive and everlasting. But just because we enter a realm of unknown familiarity, does not mean we have to stay there. The choice to make a change is up to you. “Explore life and don’t let life explore you.”

When life explores you, it chooses its path of exploring the good or the bad. On many occasions, it could feel like the bad is being explored more than the good. When you’re sad, life explores your mind and finds other ways to intensify that sad feeling.

When you experience something bad, life waits until you’re feeling a little better and then BOOM, another bad experience pops up. During those moments, you don’t realize that life is sending you a message to flip the script. It’s yelling, “FIGHT BACK!! CHALLENGE ME!!”

When you explore life, YOU get to choose the path you want life to take. Just a smidge of positivity, can spark a chain reaction of change that can shift life in your favor. No longer should you let life drag you into the cave of negativity. No one likes being there (not even bears hibernating).

You get to decide if you want life to affect you in a negative way or a positive way. Take the positive route because your happiness matters. There are many new and exciting experiences that life is waiting for you to explore. Go out and do some exploration.

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