Express Yourself Differently


This year along with Inlightenment, I started an online clothing brand called Differential Expressions. When I began to brainstorm what the mission was going to be, I wanted it to reflect the name of the brand and who I am as a person. After going through many words and sentences, the mission for differential expressions is to bring different thoughts to life by expressing them through clothing. After creating the mission I asked myself, what’s a brand without a motto?

After going through the same brainstorming process, the motto that I developed for the clothing brand is: “Express Yourself Differently”. I wanted to create something where people could have a chance and a choice to express themselves in a non-verbal manner. I also created a diverse opportunity where I could challenge myself, to portray different thoughts and opinions people might have about life, their experiences, and the world we live in.

Now if you feel like your life is at a stand still, if you feel like you’re life is to boring and you’re looking to change it up, “stir up the pot of life and express yourself differently”. By doing something different, you can completely change the path that you are on in life. This weekend, try laughing a little more to bring in that positive energy you deserve. If you plan to go out this Friday or Saturday, switch up your color scheme and wear something different.

If your always mixing and matching solid colors, ditch the solids and try wearing some patterns. If you enjoy exercising, instead of listening to music you can create music. Sing a song while running or jogging and have a great time doing it. If your with your friends, bring a different perspective to the conversation. This could easily create a whole new wave of how you and your friends view different topics.

Now those are just a few ideas. You don’t have to do them at all and you could come up with your own way to express yourself. The most important thing is that you define how you’re going to express yourself. I challenge you to start today, because you never know what type of positive chain reaction you can create from just expressing yourself differently.

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