Be a Lifelong Learner


School, school, school, school!!! Growing up, you would never hear kids chanting that word. Whenever a kid said that he/she liked school, we all would look at him/her as if he/she was an alien. Kids did not like school so much, that they would do everything in their power, to make themselves sick just so they did not have to go. But of course their mom or dad knew that they were faking and would send them on their way to the land of no return (until 2:30pm).

Now when it came to my mom, she would always say “you need to go to school so you can learn something.” Fast forwarding to right now, I remember going through middle school, high school, and college, learning a variety of things. During those times, learning seemed like it was this thing I had to accomplish or else. Plus after graduating from college, I told myself that I had my degree and I didn’t need to learn anymore. It got to the point where I just wanted to live and not learn at all.

One day while driving, I was listening to this podcast about making the best out life and the experiences you have. The speaker began to talk about learning and how we as individuals should be lifelong learners. As he explained what being a lifelong learner entails, I began to see that I was looking at learning through the wrong lenses.

Learning does not end once school is over. Learning does not have to be boring, dreadful, or viewed as a demanding requirement. Learning can be fun and viewed as a journey that is infinite. Today is the day that you should “be a lifelong learner and make it an experience of a lifetime”

I challenge you to go out and learn something new this week. Learn a new skill that you may find interesting. Try out a new activity that could possibly one day become a favorite hobby of yours. Take a drive with a friend and explore a new city. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go against Bobby Flay on his cooking TV show.

A great way to prepare for that, is learning how to create a dish that you would love and that you think people would love. For students in school, find something interesting about the material you’re reading or learning about. Make studying fun by turning it into a game show.

All these things can be fun if you begin to think about learning with a positive perspective. And once you do those things, don’t stop there. Keep going!!! Even when your hairs turn gray or white, still be that person who is going to go out and learn something.

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