No more mind tricks


For the past couple of weeks, my busy-o-meter has shot up and has been increasing each day. I found myself constantly thinking about what needs to be done, how I am going to get it done, will I have enough time to do this and that, and many other questions that were floating around in my head. It began to feel like my questions were meeting up for late night hook ups and then they skipped straight to the family portraits of them and their little questions.

My mind then started to tell me that if I go to sleep, my mind will clear up and things will be A-OK. I said “okay mind” and went to sleep. The next day, I found myself with a head full of different lists that were titled: needs to get done, needs to get done ASAP, needs to get done not now but RIGHT NOW.

So I decided to have a conversation with my mind. After speaking with him, he explained that he thought it would be funny to trick me into thinking that sleep was going to solve my problems. I then thought to myself, I have to find something that will get me back into the groove of getting things done.

I then thought of how I always wanted to start meditating and how meditation has helped other people clear their heads and get things in order. I decided to download the app Headspace and began a 5 minute meditation session. After completing that 5 minute session, I felt relaxed and focused. After a couple of hours, I was able to scratch off everything on all of those lists and created a new and more efficient list of things to get done.

So, “If your mind is playing tricks on you, you should give meditation a try”. Even if you only have 1 minute to meditate, use that 1 minute to just see where meditation can take you. Meditation may not only get rid of those tricks your mind plays on you, but it could also provide a sense of clarity and focus for you. Along with that, it’s a technique that can provide a feeling of relaxation.

Headspace was a great app for me, but it might not be your preference. Check out your App Store, type in meditation, and see what pops up. If you’re not into apps, go to and search for meditation techniques. I’m sure that thousands of ideas will pop up. If your not big on technology, go to your local library and search for books about meditating. Don’t let your mind be a trickster. Use some meditation, so that your mind can be a fixer.

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