Truthful Thursday

2250D405-8AA2-4320-9758-9D2146B91DB3One day Clyde is walking in the mall and he notices that there is a new store next to his favorite store. He says to himself “ this looks interesting. I’ll check it out after I’m done shopping.” When Clyde comes out of his favorite store, he looks up at the sign of the new store and it says THE STORE OF TRUTH.

Clyde walks into the store and begins to explore. He sees shirts hanging up on the walls with letters and numbers on them. He also sees a comfortable sitting area, where a lady is sitting and looks like she is in deep thought. He walks around the store and sees a nice shirt with the letter “S” on it.

When he picks the shirt up, he sees that there is not a price tag connected to the shirt. Clyde walks up to the store employee and asks “how much does this shirt cost?” The store employee says “it does not cost money but it will cost you your time, attention, and effort.” Looking confused Clyde asks “could you please explain what you mean?”

The store employee says “Sure. In the Store Of Truth, we have different shirts with letters or numbers on them and they represent a truth about you. I see that you have the letter “S”, would you like to see what truth this letter will reveal for you?” Clyde replies “Sure, why not.”

Clyde and the store employee walk over to a table that has a light underneath that is shining upward. The store employee spreads the shirt out on the table and the light reveals the word “spending”.Then a message appears that says “Clyde you have a spending problem and you should start being responsible with your finances.”

Immediately Clyde looks at the bags in his hands, and remembers that his rent, car payment, and other bills have not been paid and are due today. Clyde starts walking over to the sitting area and begins to go into deep thought.

Now if this was a real store, would you go in? Would you pick up a shirt to find out a truth about yourself? Many people wouldn’t because most of them don’t want to hear or know the truth. If you are one of those people, maybe you should “make a couple of purchases in the store of truth.”

Now remember that to shop in the store of truth, it will only cost you your time, attention, and effort. If there is a truth that someone is constantly showing you, pay attention to that. Take some time and effort to think about what is being said and make a change for the better. Maybe stopping in the Store Of Truth is what you need. You never know what could happen, you might end up purchasing everything in the store.


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