Stick to your pace!

D0232107-5CE1-43CF-8145-9BC08054DECCI really admire the careful driver. The reason why is because that person takes their time. Now here’s an example. Let’s say that we have a driver and her name is Mrs. C. Each day that Mrs. C drives, she drives at the same speed to get to her destination. When she is on the road, she notices many different things. Sometimes she notices that some drivers are driving slower than her. Other times she sees many cars flying past her. There have been moments when she has driven in bad weather and good weather.

On rare occasions, she has been on the road when the traffic lights were not working. Out of all those times, Mrs. C always made it from point A to point B. The reason why she was able to do that, was because she moved at her own pace. This example can be applied to your life.

In relation to your journey, remember that “Your pace is your pace for a reason, stick to it.” It’s key that you stick to your pace. If you decide to go at someone else’s pace, it may not fit the journey that you are on. If you are going to fast, you may miss out on an opportunity or experience that could help you get to your destination. If you are going to slow, you could throw off the rhythm of your pace. Do yourself a favor and don’t worry about what other people are doing to get ahead. You’ll get to where you need to be by sticking to your pace.

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