Plug your mind into a positive outlet

Your mind processes millions of different thoughts each day you wake up. Everything you take in affects your mood, your behaviors, and your thoughts. Let’s say that you see a woman walking down the street with a baby. You’re more than likely going to smile. You then see a young couple embracing one another’s love. This makes you even happier. You then decide to get on your phone and check social media.

As you’re scrolling down your timeline, you see something negative that changes your entire mood. You continue scrolling and you see more content that upsets you. This anger continues to stay with you and now you have brought that energy into your place of work. Small things at work are starting to get on your nerves and you then become irritated with everyone.

On your way home, you get back on to social media and you see more content that makes you even more upset than you were earlier. You then decide that you are not going to do anything for the rest of the day because you’re just to upset and frustrated.

This is an example of how a small piece of negativity can affect your entire day. It also shows how being plugged into a negative outlet can drain your positive energy. If you take a plug and plug it into an outlet that is bad, your plug can 1) overheat and soon be unable to work or 2) it won’t work at all because there is no flow of energy coming from the bad outlet. The same thing goes for your mind. If you plug into negativity, you’ll get negative outcomes.

If this is something that happens to you on a consistent basis, it’s time to “Plug your mind into a positive outlet.” Unfollow those pages or people that are causing you to become upset. Start to follow pages or people that display positive content. Maybe a page like INLIGHTENMENT. Read articles that talk about positivity. You never know what you’ll discover. Maybe watching videos of baby’s laughing can help. Today you should make a choice and change the outlets you plug into. There is no need for the Grinch to come early this year and steal more than just Christmas.

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