Quote of W’s for Wednesday

Walt was a guy, who had lots of dreams|He wanted to one day, be on a big movie screen|He would watch YouTube videos, of actors playing parts|He told himself that soon, he will get his big start|He got on his knees and prayed for success|He then went to sleep, trusting that God would do the rest|Days go by, and Walt is upset|There are no voicemails, from any acting agents yet|He left his number with receptionists all over town| Seeing 0 comments on his Facebook posts, made him feel like he wanted to drown|So Walt decided, to take a walk to the park|Hoping that Mother Nature, would give him a spark|He sat on a park bench, next to an old man|They both exchanged hello’s, and a conversation began|Walt told the guy, about his acting journey so far|The old man then asked, “What have you done to set the bar”|“It’s good you pray to God, but you need to take action”|Faith without works, is not granted with personal satisfactions|“Why would we wait, when we want wins?”|You need to change your approach, and find your drive from within|Be the person, to set the bar|Trust your process, and you’ll go far|Walt thanked the man, and ran back home|He grabbed his written scripts, and began to shoot videos on his iPhone|Over the next couple of weeks, Walt sees a change|His videos are getting more responses and people around town know his name|Months go by and Walt finally gets his break|He gets a call to come audition, for the movie “The Artist Who Can’t Escape”|He shows up to the building and sees the old man again|Sitting in the movie chair, giving other actors directions| The old man called Walt over to introduce him to the team|He then whispered to Walt “Now you can finally be on a big movie screen.”|


  1. Apple Rae · January 24

    Wow this is a beautiful and inspiring piece! I was enjoying the perfect rhyme and how it ended. Thanks for writing a succes story in your own unique writing style. Keep it up!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • inlightenmentbrand · January 24

      I definitely will, thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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