Quote of M’s for Monday



Moves, moves, moves. Worldwide on social media, radio stations, and billboards you’ll hear or see this word a lot. People are looking at 2018 as the year of the come up. I think it’s wonderful because people are determined to make a change. When people say they are “making moves”, they’re putting themselves in a position to work on their goals and achieve them.

Now if you’re on that path, it’s good that you are making moves, but is there a purpose behind the moves you’re making? Are you spending so much time and energy making these moves, that you lose site of your mental and physical health? In the words of DJ Khaled “Don’t play yourself.” You should “Make motivating manageable moves.”

Make moves that have a purpose and that are going to constantly motivate you. Your moves should inspire you to reach greater heights. Your moves should also have a meaning as to why you are making those moves. They should ignite a fire within you, that will push you when there is no more push left.

Your moves should also be moves that you can manage. Don’t make all these moves to the point where you forget what they are. Doing that can cause you to make one move and then forget about an important move that you were suppose to make. That’s like making an omelette without the egg. Sure it’s possible, but would it be rewarding or enjoyable? Probably not.

Make this Monday motivational!!!

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