Strategize for the success that YOU define

A0FEE552-F0ED-464D-930C-D547940A4C5EIt’s a new week everyone. An opportunity to indulge in the experience of strategizing is placed right in front of us. As you drive to your destination or even make a nice breakfast for yourself this morning, you should take the time to think about last week.

What made last week such a success? Take those positive things and use it as fuel for this week. Was last week just a bust and it’s something that you don’t want to talk about? That’s okay!! Reflect on what was negative and start to think about 1) how you can learn from that experience? 2) what can you do to make this week a successful week? A simple method that has been used for decades and centuries is coming up with a strategy. On this beautiful Sunday you should “Strategize for the success that YOU define”

Many times we ask ourselves, What does it mean to be successful? We then began to look at people like Phil Knight or Howard Schultz, and we start to form this idea that working our way to the top is what it means to be successful. Sure that may be true, but it does not have to be your truth. You are the person who defines what success is. It’s does not have to be similar or exactly like someone else’s definition of success. Success is what you come up with.

After defining what success means to you, start to construct a strategy of how you’re going to reach that success. Maybe you want to start reading a new book that you bought a while ago. Set a limit of pages you will complete this week. After completing those pages, at the end of the week you can say that you were successful this week. Maybe you’re an aspiring photographer who wants to build your clientele. Come up with a strategy of how you’re going to make that happen.

Your strategy does not have to be long or difficult. All your strategy needs is a list of steps that you are going to take and that you will stick to. Be positive and successful this week!

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