A Pocket Memo Pad

“Excessive clutter can be a blockade to your dreams.” Last year, I was always looking for moments to create but instead I was left staring at the wall with millions of thoughts running through my mind. For some reason I could never get my ideas out of my head, and convert them into its physical form.

With all the apps that were constructed to help de-clutter my mind, there were always moments where I did not have access to those apps. Being in graduate school + working a full-time job + trying to let my creative juices flow, it was like an equation that I was unable to solve.

Day in and day out, I would have these amazing ideas about different things I wanted to create. I knew that since I had this amazing memory, I could easily remember those ideas hours later. I was completely wrong. When I reached into my pocket, I pulled out my memo pad to check my to-do-list. After checking that list, immediately an imaginary light bulb had lit up above my head. Why was I not using this memo pad before, to write down my ideas?

After that moment, I began to write down any idea that came to my mind. Because of my memo pad, I was able to come up with the idea of INLIGHTENMENT. I began to write down everything, and I found myself with pages full of ideas that were just waiting to come alive!

If you find that your days have been filled with excessive clutter, go out and buy a memo pad (along with the writing tool of your choice). Let that memo pad be the opportunity to put your creativity on paper. Have an idea about fashion? Write it down! Have an idea related to technology? Write it down! Any idea you have you should write it down. You never know what type of connections can be made from connecting one idea to the next.

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