Positivity in a jar!

85A94ED3-763B-4EB0-A9AA-59A75B9E0C0BWhere o where can I find positivity? Why does the world feel so negative at times? There is a chance that you have had these thoughts before or you’ve had a thought related to this. At times you may have felt like you’ve been consumed by negativity. You constantly try to fight your way out but you continue to feel trapped within it’s domain. Even when you make attempts to be positive, you fall short.

If this sounds like a story that resembles what you’re going through, what if you could make a change? What if your approach is out of sync with where you currently are in life? Maybe you could try something different that is simple and effective. When you get home or to wherever you lay your head, “create your jar of positivity, TODAY!”

If you’re not sure on how to go about creating your jar of positivity, here is a list of steps: 
Step 1: Find a jar of your choice.
Step 2: Grab some sheets of paper and cut them into strips.
Step 3: Find a pencil, pen, or marker and gather your strips of paper.
Step 4: Begin to think about some inspiring, motivating, and positive ideas that you can write down on your strips of paper.
Step 5: Let your words flow and write down your ideas on those strips of paper 
Step 6: Look over your ideas and smile!
Step 7: Fold the strips of paper and place them in your jar
Step 8: Label your jar and celebrate!

From this day forward, each day you should write down something positive, inspiring, or motivating, and put it in your jar of positivity. Whenever negativity arises, head to your jar of positivity and read your way into a positive mood and mental state. With this tool of positivity at your fingertips, negativity won’t stand a chance against your jar.

Explore Life!!!


Life is a beautiful, scary, questionable, exciting, funny, upsetting, and rewarding thing. These are just a couple of words that can describe life, but they don’t come close to defining the entirety of its existence. As we go through life, we find ourselves experiencing a lot of thoughts and emotions. Over time, those thoughts and emotions shape our behaviors and the interactions we have with life.

Life can bring us many down’s and sometimes those down’s outnumber the up’s. When that happens, we can find ourselves in a place that becomes destructive and everlasting. But just because we enter a realm of unknown familiarity, does not mean we have to stay there. The choice to make a change is up to you. “Explore life and don’t let life explore you.”

When life explores you, it chooses its path of exploring the good or the bad. On many occasions, it could feel like the bad is being explored more than the good. When you’re sad, life explores your mind and finds other ways to intensify that sad feeling.

When you experience something bad, life waits until you’re feeling a little better and then BOOM, another bad experience pops up. During those moments, you don’t realize that life is sending you a message to flip the script. It’s yelling, “FIGHT BACK!! CHALLENGE ME!!”

When you explore life, YOU get to choose the path you want life to take. Just a smidge of positivity, can spark a chain reaction of change that can shift life in your favor. No longer should you let life drag you into the cave of negativity. No one likes being there (not even bears hibernating).

You get to decide if you want life to affect you in a negative way or a positive way. Take the positive route because your happiness matters. There are many new and exciting experiences that life is waiting for you to explore. Go out and do some exploration.

No need to panic

41FDD60E-FDCE-4405-912E-DC90AE9AC736It’s the second week of March and we’re already in the 3rd month of 2018. As time flies by, you may begin to ask yourself “what type of progress have I made since Jan 1st?” Maybe you’ve made a lot of progress and you’ve reached the goals you’ve created for yourself. But what if you didn’t? What if you only reached half of your goals? What if you’ve reached none of them? Does that make you less of an accomplished person, not at all.

Think of each year as a full NBA regulation game. From January to March, you’ve got your first quarter, from April to June, you have your second quarter, from July to September you have your third quarter, and from October to December, you have your fourth quarter. Right now “it’s only the first quarter, so don’t panic.”

As a player, there may be nights where it’s going to take you a while to put some points up on the board. Maybe the first quarter is not your time to score, and the moment to score is going to come in the second quarter. When April rolls around, you could find yourself beginning to reach your goals. If not, what about those timeouts that occur throughout the game? During this first quarter, you should use a timeout to analyze your situation.

If needed, go back to the drawing board and evaluate the goals you’ve set for yourself. Perhaps you may need to come up with new goals or make your goals more challenging. If the plays you had before are not helping you score, it’s time for some new plays. Create those new goals so that you can start racking up some points. Make this year the game of a lifetime. But in the meantime, don’t panic and remember that you’ve got 3 quarters left to win the game.

It’s okay to be confused


What now? Like me, I’m sure you’ve had an experience that has changed your life and has left you sitting somewhere asking yourself “what now?” Well I’m here to tell you that I don’t know. I have no clue what’s going to happen next. As people, we crave for the moment to know what’s going to happen next. Whether it’s the next episode of your favorite television show, or the aftermath you’re awaiting from a text you received saying “we need to talk”, we all get this urge of wanting to know what’s next.

Now the difficult part about these moments, is the fact that sometimes we don’t get the chance to know. When we don’t get the chance to know, it can leave us feeling confused. Right now, I am in a mental state where I feel confused. Things are going okay for me but I recently had an experience that has placed me in a state of confusion. After hours of just sitting and thinking, I’ve realized that it’s okay to be confused. “If you’re feeling confused, sometimes you just have to spend some time being confused.”

Sometimes you just need that period of time to just “BE”. In my opinion, being confused offers you an opportunity to be happy within the present. When you’re okay with being confused, you don’t have to dwell on the past or worry about what’s going to happen in the future.

Eliminating those two parts, places you in the right now with a chance to embrace where you are. With time, life will bring the answers and clarity that you need. If you believe things will fall into place, then they will. So just sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy the state of confusion.

Express Yourself Differently


This year along with Inlightenment, I started an online clothing brand called Differential Expressions. When I began to brainstorm what the mission was going to be, I wanted it to reflect the name of the brand and who I am as a person. After going through many words and sentences, the mission for differential expressions is to bring different thoughts to life by expressing them through clothing. After creating the mission I asked myself, what’s a brand without a motto?

After going through the same brainstorming process, the motto that I developed for the clothing brand is: “Express Yourself Differently”. I wanted to create something where people could have a chance and a choice to express themselves in a non-verbal manner. I also created a diverse opportunity where I could challenge myself, to portray different thoughts and opinions people might have about life, their experiences, and the world we live in.

Now if you feel like your life is at a stand still, if you feel like you’re life is to boring and you’re looking to change it up, “stir up the pot of life and express yourself differently”. By doing something different, you can completely change the path that you are on in life. This weekend, try laughing a little more to bring in that positive energy you deserve. If you plan to go out this Friday or Saturday, switch up your color scheme and wear something different.

If your always mixing and matching solid colors, ditch the solids and try wearing some patterns. If you enjoy exercising, instead of listening to music you can create music. Sing a song while running or jogging and have a great time doing it. If your with your friends, bring a different perspective to the conversation. This could easily create a whole new wave of how you and your friends view different topics.

Now those are just a few ideas. You don’t have to do them at all and you could come up with your own way to express yourself. The most important thing is that you define how you’re going to express yourself. I challenge you to start today, because you never know what type of positive chain reaction you can create from just expressing yourself differently.