Just ask WHY

A03D9406-0860-426C-82A2-1E40B7A4AD48When I decided that I wanted to create Inlightenment, I had to begin by asking myself WHY. In order to do that, I had a small conversation with myself, where my voice was talking to my mind. The conversation went a little something like this:

My voice: Hey what’s up Marsh. You seem real excited about this Inlightenment thing, WHY?

My mind: The reason I am excited about it,
is because I get the chance to use different ideas to inspire and motivate people to create change within their lives. It’s a great opportunity for me to create something, where there is a variety of ideas to play with.

My voice: That seems interesting. So why do you want to inspire and motivate people?

My mind: Well, I feel that the world can be very negative at times, and a lot of people don’t have any form of positivity to turn to. That is where Inlightenment comes in. Inlightenment will be able to give them a spark of positivity, in hopes of that positivity sparking something within themselves to make a change for themselves. I want everyone to be happy with who they are and where they are in life. If they are not happy, I want people to remain positive and start the process of getting to the level of happiness they seek. Change is important, and for most people it can’t happen if it’s rooted within negativity.

Because I started off by asking myself WHY, I was able to create Inlightenment. Because of Inlightenment, I am able to write this message to you today. “WHY is a powerful word that can steer you in the right direction. Start using it.”

If something didn’t go right this week, ask yourself WHY. That “why” can lead to the whats and the how’s that can be helpful in coming up with an answer to your “why”. If you didn’t get that job or internship you wanted, call or email that employer back and ask them why. If you didn’t win first place in a competition, ask the judges why.

Sometimes we want so many answers to many different questions, but we can’t get them. If you have the chance to get an answer to your WHY, you should take that opportunity to get that answer. Don’t have your mind cluttered with WHY knots. WHY knots are a bunch of WHY’s tangled together into this knot of confusion. Untangled those WHY knots by asking that WHY question, so that you can begin to head in the right direction.

Boardroom Positivity

47BD4D8C-0174-4E83-BE26-8516CA6D8154Companies around the globe have this place called the “board room”, where they discuss their most profitable and confidential information. Within this room, many conversations can go from real intense to real relaxed. Sometimes these companies have discussions about what everyone in the room thinks about a certain product, a certain project, or the direction the company is heading in.

As they’re having these discussions, there can be an individuals within the group who always come with a negative attitude. These people are the ones who feel they need to disagree with everything, and/or offer an opinion that is negative. If the company is looking to create a new logo, these people immediately think it’s a bad idea. They may say things like “we will lose business if we change the logo” or “sometimes change can be bad and we don’t want to ruin what we’ve been building.”

If the company is looking to expand, these individuals may see this as a bad idea, which can have an influence on the future of the company. These individuals are the ones who can prevent the company from going to the next level. The same thing can apply to the people you have within your life. Certain people could be preventing you, from transitioning to where you need to be. Always remember to “keep your boardroom positive”

You have friends and family, who you consider to be a part of your circle. This circle can be viewed as your board room of people, who you have countless discussions with. Let’s say that you go to these people and you explain that you want to change your wardrobe to look more professional. One of your “friends” tells you that you should stick to what you’ve been wearing, because some clothes may not look good on you. A family member may crack a joke about your weight and tell you that there may not be any “professional” clothes that fit you. These people don’t sound very positive and you may need to remove them from your board room.

You go to these group of people again and you tell them that you want to start a bakery business because you’ve been given good reviews on your baked goods. One of your “friends” may say something like “your cupcakes and cookies are good but I don’t think they’re going to do well if you sell them.” Another friend may say “yea I agree they are amazing, but I don’t know if they can compete with what’s being sold today.”

At that moment you should realize that, these individuals are the ones who have been preventing you from really progressing. The constant negativity and assumptions, have been influencing your thoughts, your behaviors, and the energy within your board room. Remove that negative energy from your life and be influenced by the positive energy that is within your board room. Listen to those friends who encourage you to do well or who tell you they will help you build your bakery business. Listen to those family members who are willing to go out of their way, to help you find clothes that are more professional and suitable to your style. Think of all those moments where your board room has influenced your decisions.

Think of all the things you could have done, but you’re board room made you feel incapable of being capable. Now take a moment to think about those friends and family members, who have remained positive from the beginning. That great feeling you get from their encouragement and assistance, is what you need and deserve. You deserve a board room that is positive, inspiring, and motivating. Make a change today and remove the negativity within your board room. Your future self will thank you for

Sway to your own beat!


In life, we get a chance to dance with the people that we meet. As time goes by, we find that we enjoy their moves or the way they catch on to a beat. When this happens, these individuals become close to us and somehow become our closest friends. As you’re moving on the dance floor, you find that you and these people are moving together on one accord. Kind of like the electric slide at barbecues during the summertime.

More time passes by and you find that you feel in sync with these people. What a time right? So as you continue to dance, you notice that things begin to change. The beat shifts to a new beat and you find that you’re really not into it. As you look around, you see the people that were with you really enjoying the beat. When you step off to the side, the beat changes again.

As you’re listening to this new beat, you notice that you don’t like it at all. You look around again and you see those same people having a great time dancing to this beat. They call you over but you give them a signal that you’re good. They begin to give you funny looks like something is wrong with you. But you know everything is fine. This story can resemble an experience you’ve had and/or an experience you’re currently having. “Sometimes people just sway to a beat you can’t groove to. And that’s okay.”

In life, you grow and progress. During that journey of growth, you meet people and form relationships with them. As the days and months go by, you and those people may change. The things that they do, could soon become the things you don’t agree with. In time, you may notice that the moves they are making, do not align with your morals or values. When this happens, it may be a sign that it’s time to part ways.

You should never feel like you need to stick around people or environments that aren’t good for you. You should also never feel like you need to hold on to false hope that comes from the illusions of past memories and experiences. Some relationships with people are not meant to last. Some are only meant to provide you with experiences that offers an opportunity for you to learn and grow. Don’t ignore those experiences. Let the beat of the song, guide you through your journey of growth.

Positivity in a JAR!!

Where o where can I find positivity? Why does the world feel so negative at times? There is a chance that you have had these thoughts before or you’ve had a thought related to this. At times you may have felt like you’ve been consumed by negativity. You constantly try to fight your way out but you continue to feel trapped within it’s domain. Even when you make attempts to be positive, you fall short.

If this sounds like a story that resembles what you’re going through, what if you could make a change? What if your approach is out of sync with where you currently are in life? Maybe you could try something different that is simple and effective. When you get home or to wherever you lay your head, “create your jar of positivity, TODAY!”

If you’re not sure on how to go about creating your jar of positivity, here is a list of steps:
Step 1: Find a jar of your choice.
Step 2: Grab some sheets of paper and cut them into strips.
Step 3: Find a pencil, pen, or marker and gather your strips of paper.
Step 4: Begin to think about some inspiring, motivating, and positive ideas that you can write down on your strips of paper.
Step 5: Let your words flow and write down your ideas on those strips of paper
Step 6: Look over your ideas and smile!
Step 7: Fold the strips of paper and place them in your jar
Step 8: Label your jar and celebrate!

From this day forward, each day you should write down something positive, inspiring, or motivating, and put it in your jar of positivity. Whenever negativity arises, head to your jar of positivity and read your way into a positive mood and mental state. With this tool of positivity at your fingertips, negativity won’t stand a chance against your jar.


Explore Life!!!


Life is a beautiful, scary, questionable, exciting, funny, upsetting, and rewarding thing. These are just a couple of words that can describe life, but they don’t come close to defining the entirety of its existence. As we go through life, we find ourselves experiencing a lot of thoughts and emotions. Over time, those thoughts and emotions shape our behaviors and the interactions we have with life.

Life can bring us many down’s and sometimes those down’s outnumber the up’s. When that happens, we can find ourselves in a place that becomes destructive and everlasting. But just because we enter a realm of unknown familiarity, does not mean we have to stay there. The choice to make a change is up to you. “Explore life and don’t let life explore you.”

When life explores you, it chooses its path of exploring the good or the bad. On many occasions, it could feel like the bad is being explored more than the good. When you’re sad, life explores your mind and finds other ways to intensify that sad feeling.

When you experience something bad, life waits until you’re feeling a little better and then BOOM, another bad experience pops up. During those moments, you don’t realize that life is sending you a message to flip the script. It’s yelling, “FIGHT BACK!! CHALLENGE ME!!”

When you explore life, YOU get to choose the path you want life to take. Just a smidge of positivity, can spark a chain reaction of change that can shift life in your favor. No longer should you let life drag you into the cave of negativity. No one likes being there (not even bears hibernating).

You get to decide if you want life to affect you in a negative way or a positive way. Take the positive route because your happiness matters. There are many new and exciting experiences that life is waiting for you to explore. Go out and do some exploration.